“When I first went to Chelsie, I was nervous and relatively uncomfortable with the whole concept of psychiatry and mental health. However, I knew I needed to swallow my pride and seek help. I am very thankful I ended up in Chelsie's office. From the moment I walked into her office, she put me at ease, made me feel welcomed, heard, understood, and most importantly, hopeful. To say my quality of life has improved since going to Chelsie would be an understatement. If you're on the fence about seeking help from a true professional, I encourage you take the leap of faith and go see Mrs. Monroe.”

Thankful Anonymous Patient 

“I can confidently say that Chelsie is the most helpful and sincere mental health professional I have encountered during my mental wellness journey over the past 5 years. She encourages me to speak more openly by adjusting her approach and speaking my language. I feel at home and supported with Chelsie, and will always recommend her to anyone in the area seeking dynamic, personalized mental wellness support.”

— R.B.